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What is a ShareShop?  ShareShops are photography workshops led or “facilitated” by our team of professional photographers. They are structured so not only do you learn from our pros, but also from all the other photog types attending who share their knowledge and inspiration!  The mission… the passion of the ShareShops facilitators is to provide an opportunity for growth as a photographer, not just from our amazing facilitators, but from everyone experiencing the ShareShop… and to have a great time doing it!  Photography with ShareShops is Phun!

                       Koral Martin 

Each ShareShop is specifically geared to the uniqueness of the venue and the style of shooting required for that time, and place.  Whether variations of light, temperature, season, wildlife, mountains or plains or coast, every ShareShop is uniquely focused based on the specific shooting conditions and situation. 

Every ShareShop is facilitated or guided by an expert in the technique or locale.  Whether a week long or long weekend workshop opportunity, you leave with new skills to address the challenges the Shareshop presented, and made images from a special place in our world!  ShareShops are about the community, shared learning,  fun, and inspiration as much as they are about the images made. 

Parham P Baker

                         Parham P Baker





So join our photography workshops, our ShareShops, and learn in some of the most amazing settings to be found… and have a blast!



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All of our Professional Staff actively support many nature organizations with our donations, time, and work. Some Shareshops offered are specifically for helping develop or maintain our wonderful natural places across the USA. Come join us on these work days to preserve and enhance the places in nature we share and love.

Photo ShareShops is a division of Parham P Baker Photography LLC and any Credit Card payments will reflect that on your statement.  Photo ShareShops is a co-operative program of teaching professional photographers and regional professional guides.