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Photo ShareShops was created in 2015 by Parham P Baker to teach the fundamentals of camera operation, composition, light, depth of field, and other important aspects of photography to beginning photographers. Initial ShareShops were free gatherings and included shooting sunsets, how to use a CamRanger, lens selection, shooting waterfalls, using a circular ND filter and more. He regularly conducted educational sessions at several area camera clubs, and decided to expand “giving back” to the photography community.

Photo Shareshop

Today, Photo ShareShops operates photography workshops across the US, seeking unusual places that are not always in the “normal” workshop locations such as National Parks, iconic rock formations and picturesque but often seen waterfalls.    We call them “ShareShops” as we find many participants (and instructors) always learn new things from other participants… and sharing information and inspiration is what Photo ShareShops is all about.   

Upcoming ShareShops for 2018 include the caves and wonderful underground formations of Carter Caves KY, the mysterious Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee, the waterfalls and rockhouses of Hocking Hills in Ohio, the elk and scenery of Boxley Valley in Arkansas… and more!

Our focus is on places that are unusual, or at least not the same places you see in every outdoor photography forum or magazine. We strive to setup ShareShops a

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little more off of the beaten photography path. Often, we partner with local experts or guides and take our ShareShops to the places only they know.  This provides unique opportunities for great images and new learning opportunities.    

So join us and our growing list of Pro Photographer partners, and create unique images from unique places around the USA… and share a little of your knowledge and experience with us all!

Photo ShareShops

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