Pro Photographer Facilitated….     Shared Group Learning

Parham of Photo ShareShops met with the Hardin County Photography club on Tuesday, Feb 20th.    Really great club and had a wonderful program by Bob Knoll on posing for weddings.   I’ll be back in April with a program on Reelfoot lake and shooting on the lake.

Looking forward to that!

I was able to spend the afternoon seeking and shooting Sandhill Cranes.  As I was shooting a van pulled up and out poured other shooters.  To my surprise it was friends from the Creative Camera Club in Lexington (I’m VP) Ron Curtis, Debbie Howard and Rebecca Brothers.   We had a great time.  I plan on having a ShareShop with the Sandhills next winter!

Have you signed up for your favorite ShareShop?


You In?  Let’s GO!!!

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