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Date(s) - 10/20/2018
8:30 am - 6:30 pm


Carter Caves Photo ShareShop

Welcome to the Carter Caves ShareShop page for the Fall 2018 edition, coming Oct 20, 2018.  PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

About the ShareShop

This ShareShop takes you into two of the beautiful but accessible  caves on the State Park Property, Cascade Cave and X Cave.  

What makes this ShareShops so unique is not just the caves, but that you are allowed, no, recommended to take tripods, camera gear, and more into the cave.  These are things that are required to get great cave shots, and things you cannot bring in on the usual cave tours!  We supply a variety of lighting and techniques to help you get the best images possible.

Another benefit of this ShareShop is that you can take your time shooting.  This is not a tour hustling you through the cave.  You can take your time anywhere the cave is lit and make incredible images!

Cascade Cavern is a wonderful cavern with a river running through the lower level of the cave.   The cave has several stairways, and is basically paved and even has handrails where required.   Cascade Cave has several sections, each with unique photo opportunities and character. 

X cave is actually two separate caves that over the eons, merged.  The formations in the “right half” of X Cave are simply amazing.  Each formation will beg for you to stay the whole time just shooting that one formation.  

We will also have the opportunity to make images of some of the many magnificent arches on the State Park grounds. Come early or stay late and get some shots of Smoky Arch, the Natural Bridge and some of the many deer in the park.

This ShareShop, like most we offer, is part workshop and part guided photo opportunities.   You will have instruction on techniques and about the lighting available for your use by videos we provide links to in advance of the shoot day.  We provide guidance when in the cave on how to use these techniques.  You will also have the freedom to shoot how and where you want both in the caves and topside.  One thing we stress is working within a small group.  We find we learn as much from other participants and is learned from the facilitators (and the facilitators learn too.  EVERYONE has something to share!)

The Event

The meetup is at the lodge (NOT the gift shop) at 8:30.  We will shoot both the caves on Saturday.  Depending on the size of the group, we may split into two groups with one starting at X Cave and the other starting at Cascade.   The groups will switch caves after lunch.   Lunch is on your own but we recommend joining the group at Tierney’s Cavern Restaurant in the lodge.  ( restaurant menu ).  There will be a video session supplied to you prior to the event on post processing your images.   The caves and most of the features are not within walking distance of the lodge so we will caravan from the lodge. 


Is this ShareShop right for you?

We recommend this ShareShop for intermediate photographers and above.  A good understanding of your camera and manual settings is strongly suggested for participants.     We will also cover some topics relating to post-processing images taken in the caves, but post-processing ability is not required. 

Each cave has some steps, but nothing over a flight at a time so basic fitness is appropriate.   You will need to carry in your own equipment, but the entrances to and exits from the caves are less than 1/4 mile from the parking lots. While both caves are essentially paved, it is still recommended you wear sturdy shoes or boots. 

You should be free of phobias, especially those involving darkness, closed places, bats, reptiles or insects.   There is no cell service near or in the caves.    You will need to drive from the lodge (where we meet) to the caves.   Please don’t leave expensive equipment in view in your vehicles at any time.  

We also suggest this ShareShop for people that are open to sharing and working well with others.   Overbearing, know-it-all, and arrogant folks do not work well within the framework of our “ShareShop” concept.   Sharing our experience, artistic visions, experimental successes and failures, and good times are key to everyone that participates.   Please read and understand the underlying philosophies of Photo ShareShops.

Who is facilitating the ShareShop?

This ShareShop is facilitated by Parham P Baker.  Depending on the attendance additional professional photographers will assist in the instruction and techniques.   Guest assistant facilitators will assist with the variety of lighting equipment we are providing and direct participants to areas of shooting interest.


The Carter Caves ShareShop is unusual in that the weather is always perfect underground!   The caves temperature ranges usually in the 50s.  A light jacket or long sleeved shirt packed in might be a good idea.   Sometimes the floor is damp and slick so consider that when determining foot wear.   In the very unusual occurrence of flooding access to Cascade Cave might be limited.    



What equipment should I bring?

You should have an interchangeable lens camera (DSLR or Mirrorless,) a sturdy tripod, a number of lens wipes and a cable release (well, the cable release is optional.)    A variety of lenses is good.  Outside you may want longer lenses for the wildlife that abounds.   Inside both mid range lenses and wide angle are great.  Macro should not be overlooked both in and out of the cave.

Lighting in-cave is provided by Photo ShareShops.  We provide speedlights on stands and ganged on radio triggers.  The lighting mix also includes LED panels and LED wands.   The cave can be damp or wet floored so keep that in mind when selecting both camera bag and shoes. The caves temperatures vary but generally are in the 50s so an extra layer or two is in order… layers you can remove if you start getting warm from taking all those great images.  The lens wipes are important as sometimes the humidity and temperatures cause some condensation on lenses. 


What techniques will be shared?

We will help you with topics and techniques including:

  • “Low to no” light photography
  • Multiple speedLight photography and radio triggers</li
  • Using high power flash bulbs 
  • Light Painting
  • “Layer” Lighting
  • Best tools for high ISO in post-production
  • Macro photography of cave features and creatures
  • More!

Our facilitators work throughout the caves during shooting, sharing our experience in making images in these caves and assisting you in making images that match your intent. 

Reserve your place today!

To reserve one of the limited seats for this ShareShop a payment of $125.00 is required for photographers.  Coupons, if available, should be typed in ALL CAPS.  This payment is non-refundable after Oct 10, 2018. You will receive a registration email once you complete this reservation and the email will have a link to pay the deposit.

Rates include all workshop sessions, 1 – 4 hour cave shooting opportunity in each cave.  All meals are at your own expense.  There will ordering from the menu and may also have a buffet available.    


Make sure you read the information on the “Location” and are aware of the hazards. 
See our Carter Caves Photo ShareShop brochure 

You In?  Let’s GO!!!





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