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813 Lake Dr

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Blue Bank Resort, Reelfoot Lake TN

Reelfoot… what an amazing destination.  The Blue Bank resort is worth the trip alone!!  There is no other resort on the lake that even comes close to Blue Bank Resort… and this resort is right on the lake!  Wonderful views (and sunsets too!)

Where to start… well, lets start just outside – near the parking lot!

The butterfly garden is amazing with its wandering paths and interesting mini-sculptures and humorous twists.  Hundreds of milkweed are planted to draw the literally hundreds of Monarchs that flitter through in the fall on their great migration.   The whole resort is thoughtfully planted and tended… making this a wonderful, sensual place to experience.

While wandering, why not take a dip into the refreshing swimming pool filled by a splashy waterfall.   Just beside that is a 12 person hot tub, perfect for the after-dark wind down upon returning from the golden hour shooting excursion.   You may rather sit out and watch the stars come out by a firepit, and soak in the mystery that is Reelfoot Lake.

The Fishhouse Restaurant

Well, I guess you probably would wait on that dip or stargazing until after dinner at the Fishhouse… the Blue Bank Resort’s delicious restaurant.   Whether seated inside in the Reelfoot themed dining room, or outside by the dock area overlooking the lake, the ambiance is perfect for Reelfoot.   Try something from the amazing menu like the 8oz choice black angus tenderloin wrapped with applewood bacon or oysters tossed in the house breading then deep fried.   Me?  For lunch I love the 10oz cab burger seasoned with their sriracha dry rub topped with pepper jack cheese, jalapeños, & sriracha ketchup.  HUGE, but trust me, not a crumb gets left!

Time to retire… you need to be an early worm to catch the bird!  The rooms are way past comfortable and nicely appointed. There are a variety of configurations to suit various accommodation needs.  All of the lodge rooms open onto a deck or balcony with lake and boat harbor views… simply spectacular!

And speaking of spectacular… the sunsets.  Oh my… the sunsets. 

To top this all off… the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.   There’s a nice gift shop and a friendly face there to answer any questions or address any needs you may have.

In short, this is the place to be for vacation… and especially if you want a great place to relax after a full day of shooting, education and inspiration.

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