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Canoe Kentucky on the Elkhorn Creek

7323 Peaks Mill Rd

United States

Canoe Kentucky on the Elkhorn Creek

Canoe Kentucky is a canoe and kayak rental and sales outfitter on the Elkhorn Creek just outside of Frankfort KY.  Photo ShareShops is teaming with these professionals to offer a wonderful photographic float down Elkhorn Creek.  

The Canoe Kentucky Shop

The Canoe Kentucky shop offers a variety of canoes and kayaks as well as a huge variety of accessories.   Soft drinks can also be purchased for those that forget to bring a beverage.   The shop features a deck overlooking the creek that is used for the pre-float briefing and we will use for our mini-course on shooting the Elkhorn. (Oh… no shooting elk, let’s say “photographing the Elkhorn”)  

The Elkhorn Creek

The North Fork Elkhorn Creek gets its start  in northeastern Fayette County and flows northeast through Georgetown, KY near the Yuko-En Kentucky-Japan Friendship Garden.   There are a few low head dams creating pools that are great for canoeing. From Georgetown, KY it flows towards the confluence with the South Fork of the Elkhorn at the small community of Forks of Elkhorn, KY.  As it makes its way there it passes under the Switzer Covered Bridge.   From there it meanders toward Frankfort, eventually running along side Peaks Mill Rd, the location of Canoe KY.  

The Canoe Equipment

Canoe Kentucky supplies the canoes, paddles, and life jackets.   They also have for sale dry bags which must be used properly to assure no leaks.   The Canoe KY folks teach the proper procedures prior to departing for the put-in.   The great crew also makes sure you have the right length paddle for your height.   Canoes are two person canoes and is what the rate is based upon.  Kayaks are available for those wishing to do that, but they are more difficult to do photography from. 

If you want to don’t forget your GoPro or other action cam.  

The Location

Canoe Kentucky is roadside along Peaks Mill Road.   All trips for this ShareShop orginate at that facility.  The put-in is 3.5 miles before you get to the shop, so don’t stop there, although with all the canoes and kayaks there you might think it the right place.  (Canoe Kentucky has another facility in Frankfort proper… do not go to that one or you will be left – “high and dry!”)  For those bringing their own canoes, the take out for privately owned canoes is a few tenths of a mile downcreek, just past a bridge on the starboard side (right to you landlubbers.)  Be aware the public takeout is often very muddy.  Transportation is provided from the public takeout. 





In the Area:

Near Elkhorn Creek and Canoe Kentucky is the state Capitol of Kentucky, Frankfort.   In Frankfort is the Buffalo Trace Bourbon Distillery, a great fun tour.    The Kentucky State Museum is a full day’s exploration and is in downtown Frankfort.   Daniel Boone’s grave overlooks the Kentucky river and is a great photographic vista. 


Elkhorn Creek is home to many animal and reptile species, some of which are hazardous, specifically including venomous snakes.   The insects, depending on the time of year, can be very more than just annoying as well.   Please understand these risks as well as those of being in a canoe on a creek with MANY shallow submersed hazards and overhead hazards.  Please make sure you have adequate protection for yourself and your gear.   


You In?  Let’s GO!!! 

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