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Donna Booth Farmer

Donna hung up her professional marketing hat at a high tech corporation and took to running, no, leaping with
joy in pursuit of her true passion – that of a documentary and fine art photographer.

“I decided to do what I love the most and what I find most interesting, even if it’s more risky. It’s never too late to pursue one’s passion. I know – because I’m living it!”

Rewind. Donna fell in love with photography during her pursuit of a journalism degree from the University of Kentucky. While there, she studied photojournalism under the late Ralph Johnson (1988 Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame) and Alen Malott (currently photo editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer). Under the tutelage of Malott, Donna learned how to shoot with a 35mm camera for the first time. But it was the darkroom that got her hooked — black and white film developing and dark room printing.

“I went to journalism school because of a natural curiosity that I have about my surroundings, especially people, and the desire to write stories. I discovered that same curiosity behind the camera and the same desire to tell the story with images. The photography lab provided the icing on the cake. I didn’t expect the creative thrill – it was almost a rush – that I got from the process of shooting an image to making a print. I loved it.”

While photography was always a means of personal expression and a camera typically at her fingertips, Donna’s professional marketing career provided opportunities for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers as well as managing customer and agency relationships. Her professional experience plays an important role in developing her passion for photography into a meaningful new career.

The result is her company, VisionCreative.

Donna lives in the bucolic village of Midway, Kentucky with her husband, daughter and three ornery felines.




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