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Parham P Baker

Parham’s romance with photography began when he was in Junior High in Lexington KY. He was fascinated at what he could create with the several Minolta 35mm SLR Cameras and lenses he accumulated.  Along with his sister, Koral Baker (Martin), he started processing film, creating black and white prints and generally stinking up the house.  Fortunately, their parents both loved artistic expressions (their father an architect and grandfather a photographer) and tolerated the acrid smells and taking up of the back utility room as a darkroom. 

Continuing shooting though his college years, the work-a-day world (and kids) came along and Parham, to a large extent, put his cameras down.

Enter the digital age.

With a long background in owning software development companies and being a computer software programmer himself, digital imagery came natural.    Time to dive back in… and dive back in he did! Starting with a point-and-shoot Kodak SureShot and taking images from the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon to the black sand beaches of Maui, Hawaii, the passion for photography was reawakened.  Digital photography suited him, his experience, and his expertise perfectly!

Parham now is an award winning photographer and highly skilled digital image editor. He has conducted dozens of classes and Photo ShareShops for all levels of new and experienced photographers. His personal work focuses on nature and wildlife, with a smattering of his other passions; cooking and food photography (Parham also does contract work for several international firms in food and real estate photography, and continues to.) Parham is also an avid scuba diver and is a Certified Advanced, Mixed Gas and Rescue Diver. He has hiked, camped and backpacked all over Kentucky and Tennessee since he was very young, and brings years of backwoods experience to his Photo ShareShops. His love of the natural world is reflected through his work.  His work is offered both on his website and at the regional art shows that he offers his amazing nature imagery. 

Parham’s philosophy of facilitating workshops is that the best thing the person offering the workshop can do is create a sharing and community attitude.   While there are many new ideas and techniques offered by our facilitators, just as much is learned by the “doing” with other photographers who share the same passion for inspiration and education. 

Parham’s clients include Uber Eats and Kentucky State Parks, and his work has been purchased by St Joseph Hospitals.   He is a speaker, presenting at a number of area camera clubs.  

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