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Ray Daugherty

Ray Daugherty worked with his first mentor, Ed Boden of Boden Studio in Georgetown, KY as he worked his way through college. Torn between a career in photography and in the psychology field he trained for, he enlisted in the US Army during the Viet Nam war as a psychology specialist, while he continued to hone his photography skills. The career balance finally tipped when he was assigned to help establish an alcohol and drug program for US Troops in Japan who were returning from service in Viet Nam. That began a 45-year career in the addictions field where Ray founded Prevention Research Institute and authored a curriculum that became popular for both prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug problems and was used with 18 state DUI programs, worldwide with the US Army, Marine Corp, and Coast Guard as well as the Swedish Armed Forces. During that time, he traveled to all 50 states and 24 countries, usually with camera in hand. Now he has returned to his original love and established Our Beautiful World; a nature photography business outside of Sadieville, KY.

In 2017 Ray appeared at many juried art shows in KY, OH, and GA.  Ray is a juried member of Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen, Kentucky Crafted, and the Bardstown for the Arts Gallery.