Pro Photographer Facilitated….     Shared Group Learning

Photo ShareShops is proud of our dedication to learning, nature, artistry, and building a community of photographers and friends in an atmosphere of respect, dedication, growing and inspiration.


We strive to abide by these basic principles and ask that same commitment from our attendees, staff and contractors:

  • A commitment to technical and artistic development in ourselves, a development enhanced with our interactions with fellow photographers of all experience and skill levels 
  • Respect for all, and understanding that we each have something to learn from every other person
  • Respect for our natural world and all living things and an insatiable desire to learn about them
  • A commitment to low/no impact photography and to continuously learn and implement those skills
  • An attitude that we are not only here to learn, to improve, to grow… but also to have fun, enjoy and expand our life experience

Please keep these principles in mind as you participate in Photo ShareShops!



“Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!” 
― Chief Seattle